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Geofísica Consultores


GEOFÍSICA CONSULTORES is an independent consultancy located in Comunidad de Madrid, Spain, specialized in the application of geophysics techniques and providing advisory in field studies, structures, roads, rails and buildings.

GEOFÍSICA CONSULTORES is the first and only Spanish company that included 3D-Radar technology in its projects. This technology is based on the Step-Frequency concept which is capable of analyzing multiple frequencies in each profile developed. The joint of this technology and the ability to carry out exact parallel every 7.5 cm profiles make these geo-radars be the very latest technological equipment.

GEOFÍSICA CONSULTORES is representative of two of the most prestigious companies in Geophysics: DMT y 3D-RADAR.

Its main labour will consist in the development of solutions recommended by CEDEX. Once the project is finished, this company will focus on performing revisions and maintenance of the canals. Also, it will provide advice and collaboration to CEDEX when adapting electrical and electromagnetic methods to the ones suggested, as well as others like Georadar and seismic methods.

More details about its cooperation:

Task 1.2:

  • Study susceptible physic principles for the early detection of leaks and the condition of concrete in hydraulic canals.
  • Study potential physic principles that are used in practice with relation to GEORADAR and SÍSMICA.
  • Technical advice for analyzing the potential of measures made by CEDEX.

Task 2.1:

  • Development of the techniques decided to be the most adequate.
  • Carry out field tests and then, develop this tests with the fundamental principles in GEORADAR and SÍSMICA.

Task 2.2:

  • Development of a new methodology for the leak detection in canals.
  • Provide technical support to IBERDROLA GENERACIÓN for the creation of the new methodology.

Task 3.1:

    Design and carry out experimental field tests to validate the new methodology, supervision and result control of measures from RADAR and SISMICA.