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This Project collaborates with CEDEX: Centre for Public Works Studies and Experimentation

CEDEX is a public body applied to civil engineering, building and environment.

The Centre for Public Works Studies and Experimentation (CEDEX) was born as an independent entity by Decree Law of 23th August 1957. It is organically assigned to Ministry of Development and functionally to Ministry of Development and Agriculture, Food and Environment.

This entity provides multidisciplinary support in civil engineering, building and environment. It also assists both public institutions and private companies.

It is composed of several specialized technical units called Institutes and Laboratories, which provide high level assistance, applied research and technological development within Civil Engineering: harbours, coastlines, continental water hydraulics, roads, environment and historic studies about public works.

Institutes and Laboratories dedicate approximately 70% of their resources to high level assistance and the 30% remaining to applied research and development, biological transfer activities and other kinds of support related to technical and scientific information.

Here are some of the activities this center conducts:

  • Obtain, analyse, treat and utilise basic data.
  • Study and research with prototypes.
  • Reduced physic models and numerical simulation
  • Environment studies.
  • Scientific and technological information and documentation.
  • Manage postgraduate courses, seminaries, and other educational activities.

Its specialized professionals, facilities, the variety of civil engineering and environment topics addressed, as well as the rising cooperation with other foreign institutions make CEDEX a leading-edge international organization capable of solving many problems present in its fields of knowledge, specially in those cases in which is compulsory to combine engineering with environmental aspects to achieve a sustainable development.

In this project, CEDEX is going to be the responsible of the main research and it is going to evaluate the state-of-art in this field, propose the most adequate techniques to solve problems, carry out contrast measures to define systems and create a final methodology for routine use.
Por lo tanto su colaboración se centrará en:

Task 1.2:

  • Study susceptible physic principles for the early detection of leaks and the condition of concrete in hydraulic canals.
  • Study potential physic principles that are currently used and pursuit the same objectives depending on orography (Geology-Geotechnics), typology (half slide, embankment or built-in), and kind of coating (masonry or concrete).

Task 2.1

  • Develop those techniques decided to be the most adequate and carry out field tests.